Coworking Spaces – Myths Vs Reality !

 As businesses expanding and continuously looking at newer cities to erect their centres, massive disruption in office spaces that meet to the rising demand for ease of functionality and a complete business ecosystem is rising. Businesses turn to offices that deliver the required space, seamless connectivity, and the flexibility to customize the area as per their requirements. To offset the traditional mode of buying or renting the entire space, a more feasible option emerged in coworking spaces.

And why not? Coworking spaces provide you with a flexible work environment that puts the greatest attention on your professional goals, whether working individually or for a firm.

But even coworking space industry weren’t spared from misconceptions that keep the best of folks away from finding out just how great it can be for networking and productivity, not to mention boosting your overall health and happiness.

Some Myths about coworking – DEBUNKED Here.

1. Coworking Spaces are against productivity.

Contrary to prominent belief that coworking spaces resemble an extended coffee shop. While both offer coffee, the similarities ends here. Coworking spaces are certainly not unproductive or distracting to work.

They consist of the right mixture of open workspaces for people desiring collaboration and private offices customized with your preferred amenities. So you can talk or as much as you want.

One research suggests that most professionals desire the buzz of conversation around them, and a thriving coworking community  can help boost productivity . Also , looking at networking and finding useful connections to assist you business increase. Trendy coworking space is the name.

2. Coworking is for young people.

The chances are that you believe most professionals in a coworking environment are mostly young, or as the jargon goes – Millennials. The truth , however looks slightly different in stats. Going by the study , the average age of people working in coworking spaces are more than 30.

This is because of the increased involvement of more popular corporations entering these novel spaces earlier filled with only startups and the averages age of workers increasing as a result.

3. Coworking spaces are only for startups.

While it may seem that flexible workspaces were designed specially for self employed and freelancers.

But that’s only half the truth! While it provides the flexibility startups require, it also provides end-to-end business solutions for larger companies at a fraction of the cost of conventional office spaces. Plus , remote team workers can utilize coworking spaces flexibility with remote working becoming the rule these days. You will find that you are way more productive working out of a dedicated workspace than working from home or a cafe with most of distractions.

Big corporations like Microsoft , IBM , Braintree , Spotify and many more have their employees working from coworking spaces for a few years. That trend is only set to increase in the coming years.

4. Coworking spaces are costly.

It can be quite astonishing to the average person about how coworking space manages to facilitate so many advantages and facilities, at such jaw-dropping prices.

On the contrary , coworking spaces are among the best value for money workspaces today. And that’s because you only pay for what you get- flexible arrangements and Packages. Whether you need a private office for your team of employees, dedicated desks for individual professionals or meeting rooms for presentations, there are numerous pricing points to exactly meet your budget.

Needless to say that, you never have to worry about housekeeping, internet , cleaning or maintenance again!

Think Coworking ! Think Work Studio Coworking.



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