At WORK STUDIO spaces come in all shapes and sizes. There are many things to consider when researching locations. Community, amenities and workspace environment are all factors that vary from space to space.

The main types of spaces that are available at WORK STUDIO

  • Open Workspaces
  • Private Workspaces
  • Industry-Specific
  • Venture/Cubicle

Open Workspaces are usually dedicated desks where members from different companies share common areas. Private Workspaces is the exact opposite of open workspaces. These private spaces can take the form of an office or custom suites specifically built for large teams.

Industry Specific spaces cater to members who work in a common industry. Industry-specific spaces can offer a combination of both private and open workspaces. Venture/Cubicle are among some of the most selective coworking environments. The purpose of these workspaces are to attract and fund companies by providing them with the support they need to grow.

Besides above all you have the option to choose a space that reflects your company’s culture. WORK STUDIO also offers you on-demand spaces are where you can book a meeting room, virtual package in addition to your plan.


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